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  • Play Fantasy Football

    With free live scoring, mock drafts, and redesigned mobile apps, it's no wonder more Fantasy Football fans play on Yahoo every year than any other site. Use our advanced customization options, comprehensive research and top-notch analysis to stay a step ahead of the competition! Start your own league now and challenge your friends or play in a public league.

  • Play Fantasy Baseball

    Get better experts, better tools, better apps, and better stats with the #1 free fantasy baseball game. Play in a public league or start a league of your own and challenge your friends to play! Get ready for opening day with better play on Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball.

  • Play Fantasy Basketball

    It's time to take your game from the courts to the computer with the Official Fantasy Basketball game of! Draft your dream team and use our comprehensive research and top notch analysis to crush the competition. And with NBA player video highlights, free live scoring, auction drafts, and new custom league settings, it's no wonder more hoops fans play on Yahoo than any other site. Sign up today.

  • Play Fantasy Hockey

    NHL stars play for more than just their team - they play for you, the fantasy fanatic! And there’s no better place to play than the #1 Fantasy Hockey game on the Web. Create or join a league and manage your team with free live scoring, auction drafts, expert advice, and new stat categories for hits and blocked shots. Dominate your league on the go with the all-new mobile app. Hit the ice now with the Official Fantasy Hockey game of the NHL!

Casual Games

  • Play Daily Fantasy

    One-day Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey fantasy contests! Draft a new roster every day for a chance to win cash prizes.

  • Play Pro Football Pick'em

    Show off your smarts each week by picking the winners in all professional football games. Now, you can even create or join a group that picks through the playoffs!

  • Play Survival Football

    Pick a different winner of one pro football game each week. Win, and live to pick again. Lose, and you are eliminated. Now, you can even create or join a group that picks through the playoffs!

  • Play College Football Pick'em

    Show your school colors and pick the winning college football teams each week.

  • Play Tourney Pick'em

    Fill out a bracket, compete against friends, and see how you rank overall.

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